Who Is

I’m a Yorkshire lad. I grew up and went to school in Wetherby, West Yorkshire…

Back in 2012, after I had studied at Uni, I was working in the music industry in London when I realised I had a true passion and skill for the online marketing side of promoting artists and gigs. That then made me hunt for a job in the digital marketing industry.

I ended up pretty much forcing Big Gun Digital to give me a job by promising I’d become a valuable asset to their business. 8 Months after being hired by Big Gun with no knowledge of coding what so ever, I was building all their sites and optimising a lot of clients campaigns. I Was working 6am to 10pm every day to learn the trade and absorb as much as I could in my quest to become a professional.

6 years working for Big Gun Digital and I was poached by a company in Leeds where I am still working and love every part of it.